King Seafood Basket

Tom Yam Pla, 2 pcs of grill lobster,Grill Whole snapper, Grill king prawn, 2 pcs of grill crab,Squid skewer,Dessert

Rp.800,000 (2 person)

Seafood Popular

Tom Yam Gong, Grill Lobster, Grill Prawn, Grill Fillet Snapper, Grill Tuna Fillet, Grill crab, Squid skewer,Banana coconut macaroon

Rp.600,000 (2 person)

Giant Seafood

Grilled lobster, prawn, whole snapper, crab and squid skewer served with fresh salad, garlic butter sauce,and steamed rice

Rp.750,000 (2 person)

Babi Guling Set

Babi guling is one of Bali’s most famouse dishes.

Rp.350,000 (2 person)

Indonesian Rijsttafel

Soto Ayam,Consist of Fried Prawn, Satay lilit, Satay Chicken, Balado Egg, Chicken Curry, Gado-gado, Beef spicy, steamed rice and crackers, Banana Spring Roll

Rp.265,000 (2 person)
21% of Tax and Service charge will be added to the price

Booking & Cancel Policy

Payment 1. More than Rp.2,000,000

50% deposit required one day before the day of booking.Bank transfer available.

2. Less than Rp.2,000,000

You can pay on the day

Cancel Policy

○ 4 days before・・・ No charge
○ 3 days before・・・ 50%
○ 2 days before・・・ 50%
○ 1 day before・・・ 50%
○ On the day / No show・・・ 100%